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"I liked [the] more powerful ingredients in this gel. [My] skin looked better immediately... [it is] refreshed, vibrant, and moisturized. [The product] is gentle and delicate..., but it is very powerful at the same time... The result surpassed my expectations."
— Natalia S., Russia

"I loved using the Facial Gels with ageLOC — I definitely felt a difference even after the first time. My face and neck [felt] smoother, softer and... the texture more refined, and my skin appeared more vibrant and youthful. Several people remarked on how great I was looking and were impressed with how much younger I appeared than my age. I love knowing ageLOC is in the gels and want to continue using the gels with ageLOC."
— Linda G., Canada

"I was with five other women when I tried the Galvanic Spa and gels on one side of my face. Everyone was covering their mouths, giggling, excited... I could not believe how much younger I looked... I am hooked!"
— Sandy P., United States