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Smoothe your lines and wrinkles with Tru Face™ Line Corrector

Tru Face™ Line Corrector contains a positively charged pro-collagen peptide – an ideal ingredient to pair with our exclusive Galvanic Spa™ II technology. When used with the focus area conductor and positive current (two-fountain) setting on the Galvanic Spa instrument, this pro-collagen peptide delivers enhanced results.

Galvanic Spa™ II focus area conductor works synergistically with Tru Face™ Line Corrector, helping to enhance the delivery of pro-collagen peptides. These peptides help reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines around your mouth, eyes and forehead by sending age reversing signals to Collagen-producing cells. This conductor allows you to better target specific areas of the face and gives an added boost to your existing anti-ageing treatment regime.

Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 (pro-collagen peptide) is a positively-charged peptide. When used with the positive current (two-fountain) setting on the Galvanic Spa II instrument, this peptide is more effectively absorbed into the skin, helping to deliver enhanced results. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 (pro-collagen peptide) sends age reversing signals to collagen-producing cells to help reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines.
Just as a key causes the engine of a car to start, peptides are the key to turning on collagen production.
New spot treatment head, delivers enhanced results when used with Tru Face® Line Corrector

Collagen structure strengthens the skin, reversing signs of aging and promoting younger looking skin.